How to Use Siri to Send Audio Messages via iMessage or Text on iOS 14

How to Use Siri to Send Audio Messages via iMessage or Text on iOS 14

Siri has streamlined on iOS 14. The assistant now appears as a compact icon at the bottom of the screen instead of hijacking your entire iPhone. This is a welcome change to the user interface that always feels a little awkward, but just because the Siri UI has been simplified doesn’t mean its capabilities are that way either. On top of several new features, Siri now lets you record and send audio messages using only your voice.

It might be strange that Siri can never record and send audio messages in the Messages application. Then again, Siri can’t even record audio in general unless you create a shortcut to do it for you. Nonetheless, recording and sending iMessage audio is a valuable addition to the warehouse of virtual assistants, and it makes contacting your friends and family much easier (and hands free).

Record Audio Message with Siri

Activate Siri as you normally use “Hey Siri” or by long pressing the Home or Side button. Then, while listening, say (or type if you use Type to Siri):

send audio messages to [contact name] ”

Siri will answer with “OK, record,” and then you just start talking, singing, or whatever you do vocally, and Siri will record everything that comes out of your mouth. If you’re not sure who the contact is, he might ask you to choose from the options presented before you can start your audio message.

There seems to be no limit to how long you can record an audio message, so make it as long as you want. To end the audio message, just stop talking for a few seconds, and Siri will know that you’re done.

Note that you can also tell Siri to “send an audio message,” but it will then ask you to name the contact, which only adds an extra step to the method above.


Play, Send, Cancel or Recording Audio Messages

After you stop talking or singing, Siri will stop recording automatically and display pop-ups with an audio message and several options. And it will also say “OK, has been sent” for further verification.

You can tap the button on the screen or tell Siri with your voice that you want to play, cancel, send or re-record an audio message. After you send it, the audio message will turn blue, indicating that it is functioning.


It Works for MMS Text Also, Not Only iMessage

From within the Messages application, you can only access the audio message button on the iMessage thread – plain text messages will eliminate the option. That means this is only an iMessage feature, but Siri created a solution for it.

If you record an audio message with Siri and send it to someone who has an Android phone, the audio message will turn itself into an audio file, which can be played by other people on their cell phone like any other audio file.


By default, audio messages sent via iMessage are deleted from the conversation after two minutes (unless you save them). However, you can modify your preferences (Settings -> Message -> Expiration) to never let the audio message disappear, so save it permanently.

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