How to Use Remind Me When Ordering on iPhone & iPad

How to Use Remind Me When Ordering on iPhone & iPad

Do you want to be reminded about something when you send a message to someone on your iPhone or iPad? Maybe you want to have a reminder that appears when you send an SMS to a friend, colleague, or family member. That’s easy to do, thanks to the nice features introduced in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. With this capability, your iPhone and iPad will remind you of what you want to be reminded when interacting with certain people, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting what’s important.

“Remind me when sending messages” is an interesting new addition to iOS devices and is useful in a variety of situations. Consider this feature as an extension for Reminders that has been available for years now. You may have certain things in mind that you want to discuss with your friends when you chat with them, but sometimes you tend to forget them, or when they attack your mind, it’s too late. Well, Apple aims to solve that problem along with this feature.

If you are interested in how you can use remind me when sending messages on iPhone and iPad, read on to find out how this great feature works.

How to Use Remind Me When Ordering on iPhone & iPad

As mentioned earlier, this feature is exclusive to iPhones and iPads that run the latest system software, which means iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 or newer. So, make sure your device is updated. Before you proceed with the procedure, you must create a reminder. This can be easily done using Siri, for example “Hi Siri, remind me to send a picture”. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the steps.

  1. Open the “Reminder” application from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.1
  2. Here, just select “Reminder” under “My List” as shown below.2
  3. Now, select the reminder that you want to use and tap the “i” icon to see more options.3
  4. In this menu, just tap the switch to Remind me when sending a message to activate this feature. In addition, everything you need to choose one of your contacts, so be reminded when sending it. So, just tap “Choose People”.4
  5. Now, choose one of your contacts according to your preferences.5
  6. As for the final step, simply contact the text of your choice and immediately notice the reminder appears at the top of the screen.6

These are almost all the steps you need to follow to set up and use remind me when sending messages on iPhone and iPad.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the things you want to talk about, when you send messages, converse, and send text messages on your iPhone or iPad.

The reminder will appear at the top every time you text a specific contact until you are marked on done. In addition, you can also choose to remind you again later in the day or the next day, according to your preferences.

This is certainly one of the convenient features that is worth adding to the modern iOS and iPadOS versions, and deserves more credit for its practicality. Consider this as an extension for iOS Reminders that already provides a number of useful features, such as being reminded of what you see on screen among many other capabilities.

Or, there is a faster way to use this feature without having to go through your Reminder settings, using voice commands. That’s right, you just use Siri to remind you when sending a message to one of your contacts. For example, in this example, you can use the voice command “Hi Siri, remind me to send a picture when I send a message to George Washington” to automatically create a reminder that appears every time you send it.

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