How to Remove Apps from the Apps Library on an iPhone running iOS 14

How to Remove Apps from the Apps Library on an iPhone running iOS 14

Remove your hidden application directly from the Application Library

The App Library is one of the newest additions to your iPhone, thanks to the iOS 14 update that was announced at WWDC 2020. It will be released publicly this fall, but a beta profile for developers is already available. But if you are an excited bird and want to handle it now, you can try it.

You will see that the Application Library will completely change the way you use and manage applications on your iPhone. There are more tools than ever to help you streamline and declare your Home screen. One of the features that the feature will bring to the table is the ability to hide a Home screen page that is no longer relevant to you. Poof! Apart from that, you can also hide individual applications from the Home screen if hiding the entire screen doesn’t fit your aisle.

But what happens to these applications after they disappear from your Home screen? Well, they can still be accessed from the Application Library. And you can use it from the Application Library just as you do from the Home screen. You can even delete an application directly from there without having to bring it back to the Home screen.

To delete an apps from the Apps Library, tap and hold an empty space in the Application library to enter jiggly mode on the iPhone. You can also do this with the application, but tapping free space enters jiggy mode faster. Tap the ‘Delete’ icon (‘x’) in the upper left corner of the application to delete it – like from the Home screen.


A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Tap the ‘Delete’ button to confirm and delete the application.


You can also search and delete applications from the Application Library on the iPhone. This will be useful if you don’t seem to be able to find the application in the sea of applications on your screen. Tap the search bar and type the name of the application.


Then tap and hold the application icon in the search results. A new option will appear on your screen. Tap the ‘Remove application’ option to delete the application.


The Application Library on iOS 14 is a welcome addition and here to make your life easier. From helping you better manage your Home screen, to letting you handle unwanted applications, it supports you.

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