How to Import Passwords and Settings from Chrome to Safari on Mac

How to Import Passwords and Settings from Chrome to Safari on Mac

For a smooth transition between the two

Do you plan to shift the default browser on Mac to Safari from Chrome? Cool, good choice. But, what about all the passwords, history, and bookmarks that you store in Chrome?

You certainly can’t remember so many Chrome passwords to enter them all again in Safari, that’s a difficult task! Worry not. You can import all passwords, history, and even bookmarks stored in Chrome to the Safari browser on Mac. This is how you do it.

First, completely close Chrome on your computer to continue importing. Close all Chrome tabs, and ‘Exit Chrome’ for a while. Then, open Safari.

On the Safari browser homepage, drag down the menu bar and click ‘File’, which will be right next to ‘Safari’.


In the ‘File’ drop-down, look for ‘Import From’ at the end of the list and select. The side menu will have the ‘Google Chrome’ option, click on that option.


If you followed our previous recommendation and closed all Chrome tabs (including incognito tabs), you should do so. Otherwise, the import button will be gray (not selectable) until you close everything.


After closing Chrome completely, you will get a pop-up to import (with the import button functioning). Make sure all the check boxes are checked (especially ‘Password’) and then click the ‘Import’ button.


At the next prompt, you will be asked to enter your Mac password to confirm the import. If you miss this part, your history and bookmarks will still be imported, but not the password. So to provide a way to import passwords, you must type the password here.

When finished, click on ‘Allow’ or ‘Always Allow’ if this will be a constant choice.


And now, every website you use to use in Chrome will also be easy to open in Safari. In addition, you also get a password option on a site that is locked with a password when you enter Safari.


Smooth transition, right? Hurry up, make the very much awaited change!

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