How to Fix Repeated Letters or Double Thinning Problems on MacBook

How to Fix Repeated Letters or Double Thinning Problems on MacBook

With a 12-inch MacBook in 2015, Apple threw out the traditional scissor-style keyboard switch for the new Butterfly mechanism. Apple aims to develop a thinner and more stable key profile above the scissor lock system. Due to the thinner butterfly keyboard profile and limited space, many users report crashing keys, jamming when typing, repeated words, double spacing, and more. Now if you are one of these people and your MacBook suffers from repeated letters or double spacing problems, you have landed on the right page.


The latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air now use the Magic keyboard (based on the scissor switch). Unfortunately, switching from the Scissors style mechanism to the Butterfly Style doesn’t suit MacBook users. And now we return to the Magic scissors-style keyboard.

That doesn’t mean, every problem with a keyboard carrying a butterfly switch is certainly a hardware problem. Some problems can occur due to software hiccups.

Many users with butterfly keyboards report about typing characters twice in a single tap. There are also problems with double spaces when clicking spacebar for once on some MacBooks. Before you rush to the Apple service center, we recommend that you try the fix to find out below if they solve your problem.

Disable Repeat Button

If you are from a traditional scissor switch, you may have the habit of pushing a button harder. If the user tries to apply the same amount of pressure to the MacBook butterfly keyboard, then he might end up with double characters or double spaces when typing.

With macOS, you can disable the key repetition behavior on the keyboard. So, it accidentally registered the same word twice with one press. Follow the steps below to turn off button repetition.

Step 1: Tap the Apple logo in the upper left corner.

Step 2: Tap on System Preferences to make changes.


Step 3: Select the Keyboard menu and here you will see many options to choose from.


Step 4: From the Keyboard menu, you will see the Key Repeat option. By default, this is set closer to the Fast option.

Step 5: Slide the down arrow to close and close the menu.


Now, try holding down any alphabet key on the keyboard. It will not repeat the word. Write a few sentences to see whether the double spacing problem or letter repetition is solved.

Clean the keyboard

Small dust particles can seep through small slides around the MacBook keyboard keys. And that can cause the button that appears to be pressed twice while you should just tap it once.

Apple recommends that you use a can of compressed air to remove dirt from the keyboard. Follow the steps below to clean the keyboard.

Step 1: Open the MacBook and hold it at a 75 degree angle.


Step 2: Use compressed air to spray the keyboard, or only the affected keys, in left-to-right motion.


Step 3: Turn the MacBook to the other side and spray the keyboard again, from left to right.


Step 4: Continue to repeat the action four to five times.

In addition to double spacing and double typing, this method can also correct butterfly keys that are not responsive on MacBooks.

Use Recovery Mode

The recovery mode on macOS allows you to erase MacBook drives, fix common macOS problems, reinstall the OS, restore data from Time Machine Backup, and more. For our guide, we will use Recovery mode to see if there are double-space problems related to hardware or software errors. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Tap the Apple logo in the upper left corner and select Restart.

Step 2: Immediately hold down the Command + R key until you see the Apple logo or the globe.

Step 3: Your Mac will display the Recovery Mode Utilities window with the following options.

Step 4: Select Get Online Help, and it will open the Safari browser for you.


Try typing a few sentences into the address bar or any online note application. If you still face double typing or double spacing issues, then the problem is with the keyboard itself.

If typing in Recovery Mode is functioning normally, it’s a software error. Since you already know, you can update the application or install the pending macOS update.

Uninstall Keyboard Customization

If you use third-party keyboard customization or key remapping software, then you should try uninstalling it. It might interfere with the usual keyboard functions. All Text Expansion or Key Rebuilding Applications may be responsible for these errors. After removing it, restart your Mac and check if the problem still exists.

If this is a hardware problem, you can visit the nearest Apple store and replace the keyboard. Apple is aware of the problem with butterfly keys. That is why, this is a Keyboard Service Program that operates for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

See the Apple website to check supported MacBook models and other details. The company offers a four-year warranty from the date of purchase for the keyboard.

Fix Repeat and Double Space

Before running into the Apple center, you should use this option to try to fix keyboard problems on the MacBook because people at Apple will take their sweet time to replace the keyboard. Did the option mentioned above fix the problem for you? If so, tell us which tricks are right for you in the comments section below.

Next: With the introduction of macOS 10.15.5, Apple added a Battery health management option to increase the MacBook’s battery life. Read the post below to learn more about it and how to enable / disable options.

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