How to Exclude Apps From Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

How to Exclude Apps From Screen Time on iPhone and iPad

The Time screen changes the way I use my iPhone and iPad. The annoying application was made debated with the application limit, so I procrastinated. Better yet, I ended up sleeping on time, thanks for the downtime. The combination of the two makes a world of difference. But of course, using Screen Time in its most raw form can be very bad.

Often, I find the preset category on Screen Time really awful. For example, Skype is included in the Social Networking category, but I often need it to work. I don’t like to use it within the limits of my application.

And when it comes to downtime, I prefer to have access to certain applications such as Books or iChess. Love falls asleep while reading or doing a chess round.

That’s why I want to exclude certain applications from downtime and application limits. If you want to do it too, let’s check how.

How To Exclude Applications From Application Downtime and Limits

The Time screen displays a good list of exceptions that you can use to exclude applications from any downtime and application limits. You can do this quite easily, even during downtime or when applications are restricted due to application expiration limits. The process is the same for iOS 12 and iOS 13.

However, remember that using an exception list for applications subject to application limits will not stop Screen Time from counting to the total time limit for the remaining categories. I know, that sounds ridiculous. If that concerns you, see the next section for alternative methods.

Step 1: Start by opening the Screen Time panel in the Settings application. Next, tap Always Allowed to get to the exceptions screen.


Step 2: Then, it’s just a matter of tapping the green plus-shape icon next to each application that you want to exclude. If you have a Screen Time passcode in place, you must enter it for the first application that you excluded.


The excluded application will appear under the Allowed Applications section. Easy right? When finished, go back or exit the Settings application to save your changes.

Exclude Applications From Only Application Limits

Using the list of exceptions, as explained above, is quite convenient in terms of excluding applications quickly. However, it does have some shortcomings.

First, it excludes applications from downtime and application limits – not good if you just want to exclude them from the last. Second, the list of exceptions will not stop the application from calculating against the time limit of its category, which does not make sense.

Fortunately, there is an alternative method, which involves removing apps from their respective preset application categories. On iOS 12, you have to create a special category in Screen Time from the start by excluding important applications and I’ve discussed them in that post. If you use iOS 13, everything is much easier, as shown below.

Step 1: If you want to exclude applications from categories that are already subject to application limits, start by tapping the Application Limits option in the Time Display panel.

Then, select the application category from which you want to exclude the application from. In this particular case, I wanted to exclude the Books and Kindle applications, so I chose the Reading & Reference category.


Step 2: On the next screen, tap Edit List. Follow that by expanding the category to reveal all applications that are underneath. Now, it’s just a matter of unchecking the category and then manually selecting the application that you want to include in the category. Make sure to leave the application (Books and Kindle for that matter) that you want to exclude unchecked.


Finally, tap Add, then return to save your changes. And that’s all. You can also do that while making a category to the application limit for the first time. Be sure to expand the category and select the application you want to include rather than checking the entire category.

Time screen ‘The Way You Want

I do not recommend using Screen Time without making serious exceptions to stop and application deadlines. Certain applications, depending on your situation, can be very important. So, I hope this guide helped you. If you experience problems (I know, Screen Time can be very complicated), post a comment, and I will help you.

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