How to Enable Full Screen Incoming Calls on iPhone

How to Enable Full Screen Incoming Calls on iPhone

Since the iPhone is launched, incoming calls will fill the entire screen. However if you are running iOS 14 or higher, you will see a banner style for incoming calls. Here’s how to re-enable full screen incoming calls on iPhone.

For many people, banner style, pop-ups, notification of incoming calls (for phone calls, VoIP calls, and FaceTime calls) may not be what they want. Too easy to miss, and you won’t find all the call-related options.


While you can swipe down on the banner to quickly expand incoming calls to full screen mode, this isn’t a permanent solution.

Luckily, you can go back to the old ways by changing the settings.

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone, and go to the “Phone” section.


Here, select the “Incoming Call” option.


Now, switch to the “Full Screen” option.


The next time you receive a phone call (be it a cell call or a VoIP call), you’ll see a full screen incoming call notification.


Whichever incoming call notification you use, here’s how to use your iPhone when making phone calls.

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