How to Change or Set a Background Image in Safari on macOS Big Sur

How to Change or Set a Background Image in Safari on macOS Big Sur

Choose a face for Safari on your Mac running MacOS Big Sur

Safari is a good browser for macOS. This streamlines the entire search experience without stopping. With the latest Big Sur updates, you can now add your own visual appeal to Safari by setting or changing the background image of the browser home page. This is how you do it.

Open Safari on your Mac and navigate to the lower right of the browser’s home screen. You will find a three-toggle icon. Click that.


On the menu icon that appears, make sure the ‘Background Image’ option is checked and select the background image that you want to add right below this option.

If you want to add an image from your computer, click the ‘+’ option.


This will direct you to several options from ‘Desktop Image’. If you don’t like it, you can add images of your own choice from any source on your Mac.

After you click on any image, you also see a translucent preview of the background image directly behind the image window. Click on ‘Select’ to confirm the background image.


And that’s all! Your selection of images will appear as a Safari background image, henceforth.


Background images help shape the user’s mood to a certain extent. Be sure to choose your favorite picture to streamline your Safari experience on Big Sur.

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