How to Add or Edit Smart Stacks of Widgets on an iPhone

How to Add or Edit Smart Stacks of Widgets on an iPhone

For the first time in iPhone history, iOS 14 presents the ability to add widgets to the Home screen. These widgets come in various sizes, and although they don’t use any interactive elements, relay a lot of useful information. To make things better, you can use Smart Stack to maximize the iPhone’s Home screen experience. If you are wondering how to add or edit Smart Stack of widgets, then you have come to the right place.


If you are wondering, Smart Stack ‘smartly’ switches between widgets based on previous activity. For example, you might get used to opening the Reminder application in the morning – with Smart Stack, hoping the Reminder widget will appear right at that moment. Your iPhone uses a learning engine to turn on Smart Stack, so don’t be surprised to see the right widget at the right time.

In addition, Smart Stack helps reduce the clutter of some widgets because you can also manually swipe the stack up or down to get to the widget you want.

Let’s see how you should add and edit Smart Stacks on your iPhone. We will also show you how to create your own custom widget from scratch.

How to Add a Smart Stack on iOS 14

iOS 14 comes with a stack of Smart widgets that are ready to use and ready to use. You can add it just like any other widget to the Home screen.

Start by long pressing the empty area on the Home screen to shake all the application icons. Then, tap the plus shaped icon in the upper left corner of the screen.


You should see a widget gallery. Tap Smart Stack, which you should see at the very top.


Select the size (small or medium), then tap Insert Widget to add a Smart Clock to the Home screen.

After inserting Smart Stack, don’t hesitate to move it around the Home screen or to other pages simultaneously.


You can also add several Smart Stacks, which are ideal if you want to have them on a different Home screen page.

Bring up the widget gallery – because you have added Smart Stack, you will no longer see it listed at the top of the gallery. Therefore, type ‘smart stack’ into the Search Widget field to display it. Then, select the size and tap Add Widget.

Remove Widget From Smart Stack

The Smart Stack you added to the Home screen contains many widgets. You might not use it at all. In this case, you can delete such widgets, which you don’t plan to use, quite easily. There are two ways to do it.

The first method involves manually swiping the stack until you get the widget you want to delete – let’s take the Stocks widget as an example. Then, long press Smart Stack and select Remove Stocks. Tap Delete to confirm.


If there are several widgets that you want to delete quickly, it is best to choose the Edit Stack option in the old press context menu. In the list of widgets that then appears, slide the unwanted widget to the left of the screen, then tap Delete.


After you finish removing the unwanted widget, swipe down to exit the Home screen.

Change Smart Stack Order

When manually swiping Smart Stack, you might not like the order in which each widget appears. Fortunately, you can change the default order.

Start by long pressing on the stack – in the context menu that appears, tap Edit Stack.


Then, tap and hold the handle next to each registered widget to drag it anywhere in any order. Swipe down to exit to the Home screen.

Disable Smart Stack

You might prefer to swipe Smart Stack instead of letting the widget rotate automatically. In this case, you can disable the ‘smart’ widget functionality.

Long press Smart Stack, select Edit Stack, then turn off the switch next to Smart Rotate.


Exit to the Home screen and Smart Stack will no longer display useful widgets. If you want functionality back, return to the screen editing widget and turn on Smart Rotate.

Create Custom Smart Stack

Instead of entering Smart Stack from the widget gallery, you can create your own custom ‘smart’ stack. If your iPhone’s Home screen has widgets in it, drag and drop the widget on top of the same size widget to start stacking.


Repeat this process to build the stack with the widget you want. You can also drag and drop widgets on top of another of the same size while adding it to the Home screen via the widget gallery.


That’s how you build your own ‘smart’ stack of widgets. Don’t hesitate to build as much as you want. Specifically created widget stacks function like Smart Stacks that you enter through widget sheets.


You can change the order, delete widgets, and even deactivate the Smart Play function in special widget stacks.

Remove Smart Stack

If you no longer use Smart Stack, you can quickly remove it.


Long press Smart Stack, then tap Delete Stack. Tap Delete again to confirm.

Come on, smart

Instead of spreading a lot of widgets around the Home screen and making them always bother you all the time, choosing Smart Stack helps you reduce clutter and focus on the widgets that matter most. Smart Stacks might still show the wrong widget at first, but give them time to ‘learn’ from your iPhone interactions, and you have to follow a great user experience.

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